Sungrammata is a not for profit, ad-free publishing platform for articles that apply philosophy and critical thinking to a variety of subjects, such as literature, politics, art, history and even travel.

“There is always a surprise in store for the anatomy or physiology of any criticism that might think that it has mastered the game, surveyed all the threads at once, deluding itself, too, in wanting to look at the text without touching it, without laying a hand on the ‘object’, without risking – which is the only chance of entering into the game, by getting a few fingers caught – the addition of some new thread.”

Jacques Derrida

“Sungrammata” is an Ancient Greek term that means “written compositions”. It was used most notably by Plato in his work The Phaedrus, where he argues that speech is preferable to writing. Writing, unlike speech, cannot respond to the reader’s questions. And yet, without writing, so much would be lost to us. The written composition is the basis of our knowledge of history, philosophy, and science. Most of what we know about Plato is due to inscriptions made long ago.

It is the view of the website and its founder that philosophy does not belong to universities or academia. Philosophy is an attitude, not a profession: we do not “love wisdom” because it helps us make money or develop careers, but because it enriches the experience of living.

Sungrammata was founded in Melbourne in 2013 by Simon Bonneau, a writer with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Literature and a Masters of Arts in Philosophy.